A Glimpse Into My Life

Hello, my name is Rachel. I live in a beautiful little town called Alva, which is situated in Southwest Florida about 30 miles from the sandy shores that line the Gulf of Mexico. Bailey, Emily, Gracie & Richard are my children. These little ones own my heart and occupy the majority of my time, which I wouldn’t change for anything! I am a stay at home mother and wife. I am blessed to say I am a part-time home school mom. I am married to an uncommonly patient, loving and supportive husband – Rick, who ironically enough, is one of those people who only eats because you have to in order to survive! He never cares what we have to eat and usually cannot tell you what we had for dinner the previous night. As long as meal conquers his hunger and is finished with a chocolate chip cookie, he is good. His lack of interest in food leaves my two oldest girls, Bailey and Emily, to be my taste-testers and extremely honest food critics. I always appreciate the simple honesty and innocence that I receive from them.

In my travels and conversations with fellow foodies I have learned that many people believe that “Southern Food” is all laden with fat, salt, sugar, processed meats, extra butter, gravy and is usually cooked in a frying pan full of grease. I know that when I was growing up we devoured more than our fair share of biscuits & gravy, country-fried steak paired with mashed potatoes and smothered in gravy, fried chicken, fried okra, fried potatoes, more gravy etc… I believe that times have changed and people today are much more conscious of what they are putting into their bodies. I will admit from time to time I indulge in fried chicken with all of the fixin’s and it is always worth the extra fat & calories, however it is rare. I want to change the way many think, when the thought of “Southern Food” crosses their mind.

Food is my passion! I do not say that lightly, I lose ample amounts of sleep in lieu of spending time in the kitchen. I didn’t so much realize it at the time but my love for cooking started when I was a child and has continued to grow. During my high school years I occasionally cooked for my friends. Then, while in college I would invite everyone I knew over and prepare a meal worthy of Thanksgiving, turkey and all. When I married the love of my life I insisted on cooking all of the food that would be served at our wedding (in hind sight that was not such a great idea). For many years I would cook extra for dinner (or lunch or breakfast) so that I could feed my neighbors or send meals home with my parents or sisters. I find great joy in feeding people! This might give you an idea of just how much I truly love to cook. Only once in a blue moon do I prefer to go out to eat over staying home and cooking. When I do eat out I choose the non-corporate restaurants when possible, and I am constantly on the prowl for mom & pop places. It is great to enjoy a tasty meal and have the opportunity to compliment the owner, who certainly has worked quite endlessly to serve great food. I delight in trying new places that have original offerings on their menu with unique flair, and I feel like I have scored when I find a place that offers down-home cooking that is as comforting to the soul as it is filling to the belly!

I am making a gigantic attempt, when cooking these days, to take note of the measurements I use to prepare the dish. I have never been one to measure when I cook and this has created a hurdle for me. It is difficult to write recipes without knowing the amounts of the ingredients. I have tried several times to make a recipe book for my sisters, and I don’t get very far because of this. I am making progress, it’s just a matter of remembering to remind myself to keep track 🙂

Please, please let me know what you think of this site and the recipes you make from it. I welcome constructive criticism with an open mind. Thank you for allowing me to share my passion for delicious vittles with you!

To be continued…


2 responses to “A Glimpse Into My Life

  1. Tara S.

    September 29, 2011 at 8:04 am

    Rachel I am blown away!!! We were neighbors for a short time, and I knew you enjoyed cooking, but had NO idea to the extent! I’m a subscriber and dedicated Rachelsvittles reader! I can’t wait to try the butternut squash recipes! Other than baking with some olive oil and pepper, I have not had it any other way! I LOVE squash!! Thanks for sharing your passion and I am telling all of my new friends in PA about this! Hope all the kids are doing well! Breanne misses Florida like crazy! 😦

    • rachelsvittles2050

      September 29, 2011 at 11:09 pm

      Thanks so much Tara! I do love to cook, probably a little too much 🙂 I definitely recommend the muffin recipe. Sometime very soon I will be posting a recipe for butternut squash rolls, kind of like lasanga rolls but totally different. They are yummy, a must try if you like squash. I hope you all are doing great! We are good down here, I stay quite busy these days with my four little ones. It is still SO HOT! Cooler weather can’t get here soon enough!
      Tell Breanne Emily says, “Hello!”
      Thank you for sharing my site with your friends. I have a ways to go, and much to learn. It is a work in progress!


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